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Construction System

Container Architecture


The construction with shipping containers is a great and modern option, which allows to build in a very quick, strong, resistant, and ecological way, since we recycle a shipping container. This also called CARGOTECTURE.
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Hurricane Proof
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Stylish option


Nowadays, container constructions are increasingly being recognized in the United States (widely used in Europe) as a good alternative to traditional construction. Their design is very wide and varied.



Hurricane Proof



Temperature extremes
Heavy Rain
Wind Storms
Seismic Activity

Container Architecture

But why are houses made with containers the best option for those who think about a strong and eco-friendly system?
If you do not know, the container’s metallic structure is tremendously strong and durable. Its composition is designed to withstand heavy loads and inclement weather during transportation. This is the reason why these structures are suitable for their use as a housing structure. In addition, since it is a construction in which a steel structure is reused to give it a new life, it a system that deserves its attention due to its degree of respect for the environment and the great reduction in energy costs during the construction process.
  • Proposed Plan

    Container houses are a real option against traditional construction. If you are looking for a strong, ecological, and stylish option, building with containers is an great choice.

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  • Real option

    But it is not only an ecological construction. Also, its quality compared to other materials such as block or wood is another of its interesting features that few, but more and more people begin to know and enjoy.

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  • Advantages

    Nowadays, modern metal construction is gaining ground over the traditional block and wood constructions. Why wait one year to build a house if you can have it in three months? Why lift a structure by spending huge amounts of water and electricity when a strong and durable steel structure can be reused? Container houses offer these advantages and many more benefits, like not worrying about termites and rodents.

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